Friday, June 6, 2008

Civil Servants and Custody Battles

Yahoo has a story about Norwegian police dogs being given civil servant legal status. This means that "police dogs should be considered civil servants and any acts of violence against them therefore merits the same punishment as attacks on human police officers." This article seems fairly innocuous in and of itself except that last week I read another story that caused me to read this story in a different light.

That article was from It covered the legal battle going on in Europe to get a certain chimp declared a person. Here are some clips.

Animal rights activists and leading experts in several biological fields including primatology and anthropology are joining forces to uphold a case going before an Austrian court which seeks a declaration of ‘human status’ for a 26 year old chimpanzee.

Evolutionary enthusiast and professor at University College London, Sommer claims, “It's untenable to talk of dividing humans and humanoid apes because there are no clear-cut criteria - neither biological, nor mental, nor social.”

Pro-life observers note the irony that chimps may be declared “human” while unborn real humans are denied legal human status and thereby over 50 million are killed each year, even up to full term. Infanticide is also common in certain nations and often not punished. In China, government agents carry out brutal killings of newborns of parents who were not authorized to have another child.

I believe both of these stories stem from the belief that everything evolved from hydrogen gas and therefor no life is more special or important than anything else. We are all just "star-stuff" in different shapes and with different intelligence levels.

The sad thing is that Darwin's theory breaks down if we take an objective look at it. Charles Darwin said in The Origins of the Species, "If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down." There are many examples of this irreducible complexity. I want to show you only one.

Let's look at the chicken egg. It has a shell with about 10,000 pores, a membrane, a yolk, and the white. 4 vessels come from the chick. 2 go to the yolk (its food source) and 2 go to the membrane (its place for oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange). Now all of these things would have to evolve simultaneously; without any one of them the chick would die. Too few pores and the chick dies from lack of oxygen. Too many and the brittle shell will break. No yolk or too little and the chick starves. You get the idea. All of the parts have to be there at the same time. There is no room for a step by step process.

When we believe the lie of Darwinism, chimps and dogs become as important as people. People have no reason to live because there is no life after this one. Our children are no longer precious in His sight, but "blobs of tissue" that can be killed on demand. I believe that the theory of evolution is one of the most pernicious lies foisted upon humanity. God, help us to fight it with truth.

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