Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Truth Project

The Truth Project

My husband and I attended the Truth Project facilitator training in Houston this weekend. It was really good.

The Truth Project is a part of Focus on the Family. The purpose of it is to help Christians have a Christian worldview. You may think that there is not much need for this, but the conference started with a very interesting statistic from the Barna Group:

4% of American’s have a basically Christian worldview.
9% of “born-again” Christian American’s have a basically Christian worldview.

That means that only about 1 in 10 people claiming to be born-again Christians have solid biblical answers to questions such as:

Is Satan real or a symbol?
Did Jesus live a perfect, sinless life while on earth?
Was man created or evolved from primordial soup?

What a scary, sickly state for the body of Christ to be in!

The Truth Project is a DVD series licensed to share only in the home/small group setting. The purpose of this is to encourage deep transformation, intimate fellowship, and Kingdom multiplication. There are 13 lessons that are each an hour long. Each small group meeting is recommended to be two hours long.

The lessons are aimed at believers. They all start with the assumption that you believe in God and that you trust his word. Each lesson contrasts God’s “truth claims” with those of the world. Each lesson concentrates on a different area:

Veritology (What is the truth?)

Philosophy and Ethics (Danger of deceptive philosophy. Renewing the mind.)

Anthropology (Who is man? What is evil? Where does evil come from?)

Theology (Who is God? What is eternal life?)

Science (Creation declares God’s glory. Breaking down Darwin’s theory. This category has two lessons instead of one.)

History (God’s mandate to remember. Historical revisionism. Living in the larger story.)

Sociology (The divine imprint. The triune nature of social systems. Authority, submission, oneness.)

Am I Alone? (Indwelling of God. Many members one body.)

The State (Whose Law?)

The American Experiment (Removing the lampstand. Remember, repent, return.)

Labor (Created to create, 7 economic principles)

Community and Involvement (God cares, do I?)

I am really looking forward to viewing all of the DVDs and hosting a small group. I think that the Truth Project will be Church changing and therefore world changing. If you want to learn more, the website is


Wayne from Jeremiah Films said...

My church started showing the "Truth Project" about 6 weeks ago. Every Wednesday, I have found it to be a awesome series.

I posted an article to another blog that discussed the series in Jeremiah Films Blog Scan - The "Blog Scan" allows people to vote for articles (no registration required). I was searching for the truth project today because somebody gave it a down vote :( and found your site - and glad I did; I've added your blog to my private blogroll.

The Blog Scan will not be in alpha test mode until the site is on another host.

Applied Christianity said...

Thanks, Wayne.