Monday, June 16, 2008

Gas Men

I love hearing these kinds of stories. This story is from Yahoo News. Since it is so short, I am posting the whole thing. God bless the Gas Men.

PLAINVILLE, Conn. - They don't climb tall buildings in a single bound, but the mysterious "Gas Men" are super heroes to some fed-up motorists. The unknown duo were dressed in sunglasses, baseball caps, khakis and matching green golf shirts when they gave Gayle Kilburn a $100 bill on Thursday as she filled up her car at a Citgo in Plainville.

They also handed her a card that read "Re-Fueling Our Community" and was signed "The Gas Men."

Kilburn says she was stunned by the gesture and at first thought it was a stunt with Monopoly money. She later realized it was real cash and used it to fill her tank.

She said the Gas Men also helped five or six other customers.

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