Thursday, July 10, 2008


I get the FRC Action e-mail. This one made me say, "ARGH!" I will give the quote and my response.

Will churches be able to refuse to marry homosexual couples?

Of course they will be able to. The question is will they be willing to pay the price for standing by their claimed beliefs. The question is do churches have any guts and are they willing to suffer for the cause of Christ.

Will they be able to deny access to their facilities?

The question should be, "Are churches (being people and not buildings) willing to give up their buildings (if it comes to that) to stand by what they claim to believe?"

I get so tired of the mentality of obeying the government at all cost. There also seems to be a pervasive thought that if the government says that I can't do something it is impossible. No, you just have to be willing to suffer the consequences. ARGH!

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