Saturday, August 16, 2008

From Other Bloggers

FRC comments on the annoying "Go, World" commercials. I cheer for the US, thank you very much.

At A Keyboard and a .45, JR posts about Harrold School District allowing teachers with Concealed Handgun Licences (CHL) to carry in the classroom as a protective measure.

ICR blows the whistle on an academic court case in California (of course). [A] federal judge has allowed the University of California (UC) to continue denying course credit for college preparatory classes to applicants from Christian high schools which use textbooks that reject evolution and declare the Bible to be infallible. Can anyone say freedom of religion?

Over at In a Shoe there is a post about Vision Forum's new YouTube channels. I enjoyed this one about the "you can't legislate morality" theory.

OneMom has a good post about how conservatives are being thrown under the bus this presidential election.

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