Monday, October 27, 2008

384 Lives

With only one week left in the 40 Days for Life, the number of confirmed babies saved is 384. Praise God! Here is the report about one of them.

Luke in South Bend, Indiana tells of praying at the40 Days for Life vigil on a day he was tired, hungry and really looking forward to taking a break. About that time, a woman drove up and asked if he worked at the abortion center. "No, I'm working for the Lord,"he said, "and praying."The woman told Luke she was under extreme pressure to have an abortion, and then asked him, "Can I have your advice? What do you think I should do?"Luke prayed for the Holy Spirit to give him the right words. He then asked the woman, "Who gave you this child?" Those were indeed the right words; she responded, "God did."He asked her how she could reject such a gift. She thought about that for a moment and said, "You're right. I could never have an abortion." Luke told her she could find help at the nearby pregnancy resource center, and then she drove away."I broke down and cried for joy," he said. "Blessed be God forever!"

You can still be a part of this effort. Spend some time in prayer asking the God of Heaven to put an end to abortion in your community.

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