Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Educational Links

I have added a new section of links on to the right. They are some of my favorite homeschool resources. I thought I would highlight some of them here.

Dick Blick Art Supplies- This is the Amazon of art supplies. If you want it, they likely have it at a price that usually saves you money even with the shipping. From wiggle eyes to paints to mosaics, this is your online super store.

Home Science Tools- This site is a great source for everything from microscopes to insect collection supplies to fetal pigs to dissect. They have things for kindergarten through adult.

Interactive US Atlas- This is a USGS service. The online US map maker tab allows you to show the data that is of interest to you. You can click on agriculture, tornadoes, coal mines, etc. Then the map adds those features. There is also a print map button if you want hard copy of the information.

Jungle Walk- This is a great source for animal sounds.

North American Animals- This site will let you print a field guide showing all of the mammals indigenous to your exact location.

The Online Art Class- My kids and I just signed up for this. It costs $30 for the whole family. All of the lessons are simple enough that I feel confident that my six-year-old can do them. Yet even the more advanced student could learn a lot.

Rosetta Stone-This is a great foreign language computer program. For younger kids you can remove the typing (writing) modules. My four-year-old can do it with help on the reading part. For an older child you can leave on the speaking and writing modules. The voice recognition software does a good job. There is no memorization so it is fun and functionality comes more naturally. You can order a free sample on their website.

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