Monday, October 20, 2008

Is This Why You Buy?

I am attending a Christian Writer' class. The last speaker was an acquisitions editor of a big name Christian publishing company. In a side point of her talk, she said that she thought most people bought Christian non-fiction for four reasons.

1. Fear
2. Greed
3. Envy
4. Guilt

My immediate reaction was EW! I don't think I ever buy books for those reasons. And if I do, shame on me. Then again, I doubt I count as normal to most people. So what about you? Are these the reasons that you buy Christian non-fiction?


Russell Clements said...

Christian non-fiction... I buy to be able to enjoy a break from the real world, for some relaxation and to just have a good time.

Applied Christianity said...

Hi Russell,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

bugskippy said...

Most of the Christian non-fiction stuff I buy is to learn something, or to be inspired. Sometimes if I'm struggling, I'll buy something I think will help me out of it, or to comfort me through it. I don't think I've ever bought out of guilt or fear. I think those comments seem odd.

Applied Christianity said...


Welcome to my blog. Your reasoning sounds a lot like mine when it comes to buying books. Thanks for commenting.

Steve Cooper said...

Promises! Promises! My shelf is lined with books that offer a difference to the people I care about through encouragement I can give. The latest is a John Maxwell offering. As writers, especially of non-fiction, do we not reflect God's Grace and Mercy in what we pen? If we are inspired, do we then pass it along? I hope so.

Anonymous said...

Their comment about why people buy makes me feel link a thin layer of scum coats me now.
I have NEVER bought a Christian book for any of those reasons.
Comfort? Yes. Guidance? Occassionally. Understanding of different denominational viewpoints? Yup.

I don't even know anyone that has bought a Christian non-fiction for any of her mentioned reasons.
It does give me a funny little picture in my head though: A man, sweating in terror walks into a bookstore and looks through the rows of books. Suddenly, he darts to the Christian non-fiction section, and with pure shock and horror in his eyes, he picks up "The Celebration of Discipline." Screaming all the way, he pays for the book and drives home.

What a nutty thing to say! :D

Tammy Drennan said...

I buy Christian non-fiction, as well as other non-fiction and some fiction, for the reason C.S. Lewis says we read -- to see with other eyes, to feel with other hearts, to understand how others see and experience the world, to broaden and deepen my own understanding and connection with other human beings to glean lessons from their thinking and learning.

Tammy Drennan

Applied Christianity said...

Well, I am glad to see that I am not alone in being underwhelmed by the acquistion editors statement. Nice to hear from everyone.