Thursday, October 23, 2008

Voter Fraud

With accusations of ACORN voter fraud swirling around the Internet, I thought I might open it up for discussion here. In Harris County (Houston) alone, at least 4,000 dead people voted. Now I have some questions.

1. Did these dead people vote mostly for one party over another or are they pretty evenly divided?
2. If they all voted the same way, would they be enough to change the out come of any particular race?
3. If you wanted to go about voting as a dead person, how would you do it? Not that I want to. It just seems like a lot of work for a few extra votes.
4. Do you think that voter fraud will have an impact in these elections?

1 comment:

Wickle said...

Can you imagine how the polling place smelled with 4,000 dead people walking around?

I hope that there was someone around to help make sure none of the Necro-Americans ate any brains of the living while they were voting.