Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Death, a Fight for Life, and Hope of New Life

A Death
Our rat, Stefano, died last night. In fairness, we had been expecting him to die for the last few months. He was about 150 in rat years and very decrepit. But it was still sad. He was a very good rat. He never bit anyone even when he was carted around the house in little jostling hands. He was very smart and friendly. His cage looks lonely with no cardboard house. I used to loathe rats until I got to know Stefano.
A Fight for Life
Today was the last day of the 40 Days for Life campaign. I have really enjoyed it. It was a great growing experience. I also enjoyed spending time in prayer about a subject that I haven't given much focused prayer time about previously.
Hope of New Life
I bought some paperwhites bulbs today. Somehow I find encouragement in watching dormant plants come to life. Maybe it reminds me of the Resurrection.

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letti said...

sorry to hear about Stefano. I hope the kids are taking it okay. Give em kiddos a hug for me.