Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Predictions and a Prayer

Kevin Tracy has a prediction map for tonight's results. His ending electoral college tally is Obama 375 and McCain 163. I tend to think he is right. At the very least, he is a better political predictor than I am. If he is right, this is my prayer: May an Obama presidency energize God-fearing people across this country. Not because they are excited about his policies but because they finally understand that we, each one of us, must stop relying on the government to solve all of our problems. Moral decay in this country will only shrink when Jesus grows in each heart and spreads to other hearts. We God-fearers must actually do things. Things that are outside of our church buildings. Things that are outside our comfort zones. Things that we have never done before. May we all prepare ourselves by reading His Word and praying. Then may we have the courage to go public with our faith. May we go public in our stand against evil.

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