Wednesday, November 26, 2008

An Odd Tradition

In our nuclear family, we have an odd tradition. We wanted to move away from secular Christmas and focus more on Jesus so we started giving gifts at Thanksgiving. So tomorrow we are opening presents, eating a nice (but not huge) meal, and discussing things we are thankful for.

I am super excited about my present. It is from my mom, my husband's mom, and my husband. It's (insert drum roll here) a box full of art supplies. (I know because I ordered them all myself.) I am warning you in advance that I might feel compelled to post some of my attempts at art.

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. Remember to thank the Lord for all he has done.


Wickle said...

Hmmm ... that has potential!

My pastor often says that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday, because it "hasn't really been messed up with fat men and bunnies."

That's great, to use the holiday for giving thanks and making that the big festival of the year ... I like it!

Applied Christianity said...

We really enjoy it. I hope that you and your family have a great Thanksgiving, Wickle.

letti said...

hi frances! happy thanksgiving. We're sorry we won't get to see you tho..... We've got pressies for you and the kiddos all wrapped up and ready :)

Applied Christianity said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all too. That was very kind of you to get us gifts. We probably won't be there until Christmas.