Saturday, January 3, 2009

Word of Promise NT on MP3

I found the Word of Promise New Testament on MP3 to be enjoyable listening. Now if you want to actually study the New Testament (or part of it) in any kind of serious way, I recommend you purchase a NIV or NAS with wide margins and some pens. Read slowly. Take notes in the margins. Draw arrows. But if you want to fill your mind with good thoughts and are tired or listening to Christian music, I highly recommend Word of Promise. The translation is easy to listen to because it is not to academic. The actors did a good job. (Jesus was a little sappy, but that is how He is usually portrayed in audio or video.) The sound effects were really well done. Not overwhelming, they added just the right touch. The speaking speed is way to slow for my taste (as are most audio books), but that's ok because I listened to it in Windows Media Player on fast play which was perfect. Some of the book introductions I found annoying or questionable, but you can easily skip them if you don't want to listen since they are a separate MP3.

My biggest complaint is the incompatibility with Zune. My Zune (even with my IT husband's help) would never open the whole thing at once. It was 2 chapters from Acts and 3 chapters from John, etc. The silly thing would never download the whole CD or even a whole book. For this reason I give this audio Bible 4 stars.

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