Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bravo, Sen. Coburn

Senator Tom Cobrun (R) of Okalama has a special interest in Pres. Obama's "review" of the "conscience clause". He is also an OB/GYN. Here is a quote from a article.

[He] told on Friday that many medical practitioners, including himself, will go to prison before agreeing to engage in medical practices they morally oppose, such as abortion.

“I think a lot of us will go to jail,” Coburn told when asked what would happen if the administration reverses the policy. “Let’s see them prosecute the first one of us for not doing that.”

By that comment, Coburn meant that doctors, himself included, are willing to defy the law before agreeing to perform medical procedures that violate their conscience, a Coburn spokesman clarified.

So bravo, Sen Coburn. I hope that medical professionals are prepared to do just as you said.


Anonymous said...

I have linked to your post from BlogWatch: Unborn brothers and sisters which is a collection of pro life articles being put togeather before the need to address FOCA

Applied Christianity said...

Thanks, Wayne.

Raymond V Banner said...

I saw this statement by Senator and Medical Doctor Tom Coburn on an internet news site. I was glad he was speaking out clearly against the Obama administration proposal to force medical personnel and medical facilities to participate in abortion against their conscience. This proposal is one of the features in the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act" (better dubbed as the Pro-abortion Tyranny Act or Kill the Unborn Child Act). I hope that for the sake of conscience and testimony medical personnel will be willing to go to jail as martyrs if necessary. I think others will quit their profession. But the more serious questions that I ponder are: Will the conscientious best persons of our society be penalized, marginalized and imprisoned and protesting hospitals be taken over by the government with little protest from our society?

I know that many conservatives and pro-lifers will consider my ponderings as irrational and alarmist. I have read enough history and observed enough devolution in our culture and country over the years to know that we are not immune from the type of things that happened in Nazi Germany, in various Communist countries, and elsewhere.
But we must pray, speak, work and hope that we see a turning toward life and true liberty.

Applied Christianity said...

Well, said RVB. I always enjoy hearing from you.