Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lots to Comment on

I have been sick the last few days. I have been reading things and thinking, "Oh, I should post something about that," but haven't felt like it. Today I am feeling a little more energetic. So here they are.

40 Days for Life
From the Day 6 (Sunday) e-mail the report was 33 babies confirmed to have been saved because of the vigils. You can see the number go up on their website (top right). When I went there earlier today it was up to 51. Praise the Lord for these lives that were saved. May He bless their parents for choosing life.

This is a clip from the Day 5 e-mail. It is of interest to me because Abilene, TX is where my mother and aunt are participating in 40 Days for Life. It shows the lies and deception woven throughout PP.

Abortion is sold on lies:

"It's a choice."

"It really isn't a person."

"It's only been six weeks; nothing's there yet."

"It's a fetus, not a child.:

A funny thing happens once you start to lie -- it's hard to keep your story straight!

The 40 Days for Life team in Abilene, Texas found that out right as the campaign began. The local newspaper interviewed Paula, the campaign director. She told the reporter that the Planned Parenthood center in Abilene did "medical abortions" (usually that means the RU-486pill) as advertised on their web site.

A defensive spokeswoman for the clinic then told the reporter that no abortions were done in Abilene. But either way, Planned Parenthood trapped itself. Either the web site is wrong or the spokeswoman is wrong.

The good news, though, is that thanks to the questioning of the local 40 Days for Life team, the newspaper did a follow-up story and discovered that the Abilene facility is indeed licensed to do abortions!

Now one entire community is wondering if Planned Parenthood can be trusted.

Human Rights vs. Climate Change

Cornwall Alliance pointed out that Sec. of State Clinton told the Chinese Government that her climate change worries outranked her human rights worries for China. Now that is just shameful.

All of this makes me wonder how many people claiming Christ are more concerned about saving the planet then about saving babies and ending abortion.

Hooking Up

Townhall has an interesting article by Karin Agness about the plague of hooking up (sleeping with somebody you hardly know) on our college campuses. She mentions some books on the subject. Then comes these two paragraphs:

These authors are finally figuring out that hooking up is not an isolated experience of a few college students, or a fad. Rather, the hookup culture dominates college campuses. The authors use different methodologies and analyze hooking up from their own perspectives. They all conclude that hooking up has serious negative consequences for women, whether in the form of sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, depression, or problems with trust in future relationships.

Surveys, interviews, and statistics have convinced these authors of such dangers. Despite the evidence, many college women have not taken notice.

This is very sad to me. Every time young women buy into one of Satan's sexual/reproductive "freedom" lies they are the ones that get hurt.

Not only are women more likely to end up with a sexually transmitted disease than men, they more quickly tire of the sex without commitment. Instead of leaving women empowered, liberated and fulfilled, it ends up leaving women disappointed, confused, and hurt.

By participating in the hookup culture, women continue to perpetuate it, and this discourages dating.


As if hooking up in college wasn't bad enough, high school students have taken to sexting (sending naked pictures of yourself with your cell phone). There is an article from Townhall by Maggie Gallagher about this. Here is the ending paragraph.

After all, if the thought that their fellow students, their teachers, their employers, their college admission officials, the entire football squad, their mothers and the local district attorney may well see these cell phone photos is not enough to discourage teens -- then we really have a problem on our hands.

It makes me sad that so many of our young ladies see themselves in such a low way. What happened to dignity and purity and self-respect?

Gov. Huckabee at CPAC

I was glad to see that Gov. Huckabee was invited to CPAC this year. If you would like to watch his speech, here is a link.

States Rights

HT: JR at A Keyboard and a .45
Judging Truth has an interesting post about the Texas' state rights bills that I posted about a few days ago. Here is a little snip.

Measures such as HCR 50 and HCR 66 are designed to allow states like Texas to protect their economies from the destructive fiscal policies enacted by the Federal government. They allow us the freedom to govern as we see fit according to the original intent of the Constitution and the set up a legal means for challenging imposition of Federal laws which infringe upon state’s rights. I think it is about damn time that this happened.

The question then becomes, are we facing a revolution? The answer will be played out over the next few years. I have never been one to be an alarmist, conspiracy theorist nutcase or wildly speculative about the future. I tend to look towards the past for lessons learned and approach things from a more logical and analytical standpoint. However, with recent events unfolding as they have, it is hard not to wonder if the fabric of this nation can hold or whether it will tear itself apart under the strain. These will be very interesting times ahead.

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