Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free Creationist Magazine

The Institute for Creation Research publishes a monthly magazine called Acts and Facts. Each issue has various creationist articles. Some cover the research going on at ICR. Some cover other young-earth topics.

One of my favorite articles (Jan. 2009) was about the brilliant pediatric brain surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Carson. He is well known for his amazing surgeries like hemispherectomies and a 22-hour surgery to separate conjoined twins. Though he faces pressure to stand alongside Darwinian evolution, he has stood for creationism even in the midst of peers like those at the Academy of Achievement.

Some examples of articles in that same issue include: "The Wax That Taxes Darwin" (about the amazing properties of ear wax) and "Human Reproduction" (about the many factors necessary for fertilization to occur and how, "Evolutionary literature is rife with speculative stories about the origination of these processes, but devoid of any real scientific evidence to explain them."

I find each issue interesting and encourage you to sign up. I think that there is also a way to get a subscription for your church (to place in the information section that most churches have), but I think that you may have to call them for that.

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Have you heard of Michael Williams? I know you live in Texas, and I was wondering on what you thought of him running for U.S Senate. Do you think he can win?