Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Word of Promise The Gift of Psalms

Overall, I liked The Word of Promise The Gift of Psalms. I am reviewing it on two criteria: format and content.

This is a very elegant presentation. Th book has a nice solid feel and the CDs are tucked into the back cover of the book so they are easy to keep together.

As with most audio books, the reading was way too slow for my taste. I wanted to listen to it on 1.5 speed but for some reason Windows MP wouldn't allow it.

30 of the 50 psalms and devotional readings are read aloud on the CDs. I think it would have been better just to read all of the psalms without the devotional readings. I might have wanted to listen to it over and over then (even with the slow speed).

The content was good. There was variety in the psalms chosen. I thought some of the commentary didn't quite hit the mark, but most of it was very good. I did find a few spelling/grammar mistakes. (And I am terrible at such things.)

I think that this book CD combo would be a good gift for a new Christian since much of the commentary points to Christ.


Wickle said...

Thanks for doing that one!

I saw it in the selections, but didn't take it; it ran a close second, though.

It sounds like it might be good to pick up in the next round, maybe for the boys or something, if it's still there.


Applied Christianity said...

You are welcome, Wickle.