Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some Things I've Been Meaning to Link to

Dana Haley at Principled Discovery has an excellent post on breast-feeding and the view of some that it (at staying at home) is a waste of time. Here is my favorite quote:

And just what exactly does it mean to “work in any meaningful way?” Full time (or more) at the beck and call of…your boss, your customers, your editor, your anyone-besides-your-family-whose-requests-are-somehow-meaningful-because-a-paycheck-is-attached? Of course a woman’s time is not “worth nothing.” To me, it is worth far more than anyone could pay. Rather than without value, my time invested in my children is invaluable.

Wesley Smith at Secondhand Smoke has an interesting post about poverty being the answer in the eyes of many radical environmentalists.

And thus we see how the healthy environmentalism that cleaned up filthy rivers and reduced Los Angeles air pollution is quickly mutating into an implicit and explicit anti-humanism that is in danger of leading to becoming so degraded in our self perception, that we could reach the point of being urged (forced?) to become human sacrifices on Gaia's altar.

Thanks to Alex and Bret at The Rebelution for introducing me to Deborah Drapper. BBC did a documentary on her and boy is she brave in sharing her faith. May God give me such boldness. I will have to add her blog to the sidebar. Here is a clip from the documentary.

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