Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things That Make Me Go RRRRRR!

First thing. . .

How did it escape me that Compean and Ramos were released from prison in February (though the official sentence ended only a few days ago)? This has probably been all over the Internet and news. Here I am the last to know. Sigh. Anyway, I was certainly glad to hear about it. Just annoyed not the hear about it a month ago.

Second thing. . .

A Oakland, CA pastor, Walter Hoye, has been arrested and sentenced to 30 days of jail time and a fine of slightly more than $1,000 for approaching a woman outside of an Oakland abortion mill. You can read the Life Site News perspective here and the San Francisco Chronicle perspective here. It seems that Mr. Hoye broke a law that forbids people coming within 8 feet women entering abortion facilities. How peacefully coming within 8 feet of anyone could be a crime is beyond me! (As a side note, according to his Facebook page, he is a fan of Institute for Creation Research, Mike Huckabee, the Bible, and the Declaration of Independence. I think I could like this guy if I ever met him.)

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