Thursday, April 16, 2009

So We Went to a TEA Party

My husband and I went to the Fort Worth TEA Party last night. Thousands were expected to show up through out the Metroplex last night. I would estimate that at least 4000 people came to the Fort Worth one as Lagrave Stadium holds 4,000 people and it was pretty much packed. I know that the Arlington (between Dallas and Fort Worth) party had about 2500 people.

We got there after Gov. Perry left (I still think he is just being a shrewd politician before the governor primaries), but we did hear Rep. Joe Barton. It seemed rather ironic that the Republicans were the main sponsors as they did plenty of big government stuff when they were in charge. It made my husband wish we lived closer to Burleson where The Star Telegram said all the "fringe" was going to be.

There were lots of flags. Many people, like my daughter, brought their American flags. There were also quite a few Don't Tread on Me flags. The signs were mostly homemade and very interesting. Lots of kids had signs like "Don't Mortgage My Future". Grown-ups had made up their own slogans like "Liberty is all the stimulus we need."

Mike Huckabee has a poll up asking, "What happens now?". It is an interesting question. I think that further action should ignore the federal government and concentrate at the state level. The federal government (especially President Obama) isn't listening, but the states are getting fed up. Just take a look at the 25 or so states that have some sort of 10th amendment resolution in the works. Here is a video about it. About halfway through is a map showing the states with resolutions.

As this is obviously not just a Texas phenominon, I am leaving you with links from elsewhere. Shawn at Caffeinated Thoughts shares his impressions of the one in Des Moines, IA. WorldNetDaily has coverage from around the country.

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