Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not Neutral

I am amazed at how many Christian parents send their kids to government school. I got to thinking about it and I think that one of the main reasons must be because they perceive it as neutral. But education can never be neutral.

Let me ask you a simple question. There is a school in your neighborhood. It has an excellent reputation of highly qualified teachers, small class size, and students that are about 1 grade ahead in reading and almost 2 ahead in math when they finish elementary school. The caveat: It is Buddhist. Now there are no specific Buddhist classes, but every class is interwoven with Buddhist philosophy. Would you send your kids?

If you answered no, then why would you send your kids to a secular humanist school where all the classes are interwoven with secular humanist philosophy?

If you answered yes, then I don't understand why you don't think guarding your children's minds is important.

Education is never neutral. It is saturated with philosophy.


Scott Weldon said...

I'm obviously a few days behind in keeping up with my reading here, but I really enjoyed this. Very succinct, very accurate. I don't know why more folks don't see this. Thanks.

Applied Christianity said...

You are certainly welcome, Scott.