Monday, August 3, 2009

More Good Ideas. . .


These are some good (research-backed) ideas about childbirth and infant care. I think healthy women should do them. But I don't want the government to force you to do them.

1. Natural labor- It is better for mom, baby, and the bottom line.
2. Midwifery care- Trained midwives have proven themselves in medium and low risk deliveries. Again this would certainly cost less than traditional doctor/hospital delivery.
3. Having a doula or some other women with you for continuous emotional support during labor- Far better and less expensive outcomes.
4. Encourage mobility and uprightness by getting rid of hospital beds- Replace the traditional bed with a mattress on the floor, birth balls, and other options. The best way to avoid c-sections, epidurals and other (costly) interventions is to stay upright and mobile.
5. Ditch the standard bathing, weighing, swaddling routine- Skin to skin contact for the first 1-2 hours is advantageous.
6. Breastfeeding- everyone knows it is better for mother and baby

I am sure my list could go on. How many of you would want my standards foisted on the American public? I bet many of you would rather make your own (though less favorable) choices about such things. Don't you think that you should have that right in all areas of health care?

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