Saturday, October 3, 2009

I So Loathe Activist Judges

Many people are decrying the fact that an activist Dallas judge, Tena Callahan, overturned the Texas State Constitution and the will of the people in one swift decision. In a case involving two men who were "married" in Massachusetts and seeking a divorce. Ms. Callahan ruled that the Texas constitution was unconstitutional because it upholds marriage as between one man and one woman.

How can one woman be so arrogant to think that she has more right to change the laws of Texas than 75% of the voters, the governor, and the state legislature combined? Oh, this just makes me so mad!!!! The worst of it is I don't even know what I can do about it. Pray. I have been saying how powerful prayer is. So I ask you to join me in prayer that this judges decision will be trampled by God in whatever way he sees fit.


OneMom said...

Sometimes it seems these judges make these rulings just to get attention for themselves. I can't believe they are so stupid to think their little ruling will actually change what 75% of the people voted for.

It's just like the congressman in Florida who said that republicans wanted people to die quickly. There was no basis for that statement, yet it got him a lot of attention and free media time.

Applied Christianity said...

You may be right, OneMom. On the other hand, a handful of judges over ruled the voting population of many states in Roe v. Wade, and it still stands today. I wonder if we have more guts to stand against judicial fiat (is that the right word? It is too early for my brain to be on all the way) than we did back then.

OneMom said...

Of course the judge may be up to more than just wanting her 15 minutes of fame. It just seems that a lot of junior-level leaders are trying to do or say shocking things to get attention.

Personally, judges who try to re-write laws from the bench should immediately lose their jobs.

Applied Christianity said...

I wasn't trying to disagree that she may be pulling a stunt to bring attention to herself. I don't know her motivations.

It is the actions that I find unacceptable (as I am sure you agree).

How does one get rid of a judge? I think my husband told me once that they are impeached.