Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Song (even if it is country)

So, we have a 26-year-old assistant football coach who is quite creative and who is tired of Obama and his policies. He writes a song, and, as the new report indicates, he sends a link the song to everyone in his "personal e-mail list." Thus, he wasn't taking class time or practice time to tell students about his political views. He was on his on time, with his own computer, sending to his own list. And now he is fired? Come on people! If you don't like it, complain to the man directly. Ask him to take you off his list or something. But this is just crazy.

This is the quote from an article about Bryan Glover and the song that he co-wrote. Now I don't like country but this song has enough rock in it to like. The lyrics are great. And since Mr. Glover is now jobless, I am sure he could use whatever money can be made from purchasing his song. (It only costs $1.29.) So here are some of the lyrics and the link to the website.

There’ll be a party come this November

Where we’re gonna set things straight

All good people gonna gather ‘round

Gonna show what made this country great

We’ll run off the schemers and back-room dealers

So the Red, White and Blue will prevail

When we’re holding the hammer

When we’re holding the hammer

When we’re holding the hammer

Every one of them looks like a nail

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