Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mosasaur Soft Tissues

You might remember the T-rex soft tissues found a few years ago and how scientists still claimed that they were millions of years old. Well yesterday ICR posted an article about mosasaur remnants that still had several kinds of soft tissue. How can eye, skin, and blood tissue be millions of years old? As it says in the article, ". . . it is highly unlikely that this mosasaur is even thousands of years old, since these tissues decay so quickly. Therefore, insisting that they are over 80 million years old defies all reason."


Don and Shelly said...

Are you familiar with the work of Kent Hovind? His website is Enjoy!

Applied Christianity said...

Yes! Creation Science Evangelism sells my Creation for Little Sprouts DVDs. I have never met Dr. Hovind though.