Saturday, March 8, 2008

Armed Student Stops Gunman

WorldNetDaily has an interesting article today. Here are some clips.

A gun rights organization in the United States is accusing the media of trying to conceal the fact that a gunman who attacked students at Jerusalem's Mercaz Harav seminary was stopped by an armed student at the school.

Authorities report that Ytizhak Dadon, 40, was a "private citizen who had a gun license and was able to shoot the gunman with his pistol," according to a statement released today by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

In its earlier reporting on the tragedy, WND confirmed, "One terrorist reportedly was shot to death by a student who was armed…"

However, the gun rights organization said "the American press is downplaying his heroism because it proves that armed students can stop campus gunmen."

My husband and I have talked many times about the fact that an armed society is a polite society. I think this may be an example.

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