Friday, March 7, 2008

Homeschooling Outlawed by Judicial Fiat in California

I missed this. So I am grateful to OneMom, for posting it first. A judge in California has declared it illegal to homeschool unless the parent has a teaching certificate. If the system worked properly, this judge should be impeached for creating law instead of just judging based on the law. If I lived in California, I would have to flee the state. I couldn't afford private school, and there is no way that I would put my children in the care of a system that can no longer talk about mom and dad but only parent. I would never put my children in the care of a system that promotes every "alternative lifestyle" while demeaning Christ and His Church. I thank God that live in Texas and still have the freedom to homeschool. OneMom has many links. So go check it out.

Let's all be in prayer for those families facing dreadful choices in California. O God, give every parent living with this terrible decision wisdom as to how best stand up for their children and protect their souls. Give them the courage to move if they must. Give them eyes to see your path for their families.

UPDATE: I notice that ThinkAware had a link to Dr. Dobson's audio on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Home schooling is illegal in California. Most home schoolers are Christians and all they know to do is fearmonger. Just look at this as an example!

Applied Christianity said...


To me, parents should be afraid (not trembling and nervous, but well aware and concerned enough to take action). Some of these sites do seem to go for "shocking", but sadly that is what it takes to get some parents' attention.