Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Competent Christians

There is a really great post at TheRebelution that I encourage you all to check out. Here are some quotes from it.

This is a generalization, but there’s truth to it: We’re in a battle between competent sinners and incompetent saints. And the sinners are winning. Why are they winning? Again, this is a generalization, but they’re winning because they are competent and we are not. In the areas of science and entertainment, they dominate the field.

It wasn’t always this way. America grew out of Christian competence. Modern science was birthed in a Christian culture by incredibly competent Christian men and women, like Galileo, Copernicus, and Francis Bacon, all the way up to Isaac Newton and countless others. The Christian church used to be the chief patron of the arts. Much of the remaining greatness of America is because of Christians in the past who had the competence to match their good intentions.


PhotoMom said...

I don't know about competent SAINTS, but there are definitely a ton of competent imperfect Christians out there making their mark, in the Arts as well...a lot of is that these artists do not advertise themselves as Christians, or like, no one knows!

Applied Christianity said...

Hello Photomom,

I would love for you to post some examples of excellence in Christian art.

Here is a link to my cousins' site. They are Christian glass-blowers and they work hard at excellence.