Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Elective Bible Classes in the Public Schools

The Texas Board of Education approved (13 to 2) elective Bible courses in TX public high schools. Read more about it the press release from Free Market.

I applaud the Texas Board of Education for having the guts to go against the anti-religion lobby. While I support this decision, I was wondering if I would recommend it to young Christians. I think that would depend on who was teaching the class.

My husband read a book about the battles in the Bible. As a Christian history major, he thought it would be right up his alley. I was very disappointed because the people writing it did not believe the Bible. They tried to explain away all of the cool God stuff as odd (but natural) occurrences.

So, if a non-believer were teaching the Bible elective, I would be wary of sending a kid to that class. If the teacher was a Christian, it could be a great experience. I probably would have wanted to take it if it had been offered in my high school.

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