Monday, April 21, 2008

Garage Sales for Jesus

Our church has a program called Share the Joy. In this program, each small group is encouraged to find a person in need and raise or donate funds for them in the name of Jesus. Then the church will match up to $1000. To this end, my small group had a garage sale this weekend.

5 or 6 families came to set up on Friday. Then people came in shifts on Saturday morning. It went really well with the grand total coming to $766. We are planning to help a recovering drug addict.

Imagine what good could be done if small groups across the country did the same thing. Even if your church doesn't match the funds, $700+ is nothing to sneeze at and could do a lot of good. I hope that our small group continues to use the stuff that we no longer need to bless the community in Jesus name.

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