Friday, April 25, 2008

No Public Schools?

Via the site mentioned below, I found a very interesting article about the economic implications of abolishing public schools and going with all private or home schools. It is a very interesting read. It points out that public schools generally cost twice as much as private schools. People don't notice this because they pay for it through taxes instead of out right. Anyway, I encourage everyone to read it.

In short, if we could abolish public schools and compulsory schooling laws, and replace it all with market-provided education, we would have better schools at half the price, and be freer too. We would also be a more just society, with only the customers of education bearing the costs.

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Anonymous said...

I have loved reading your blog so far! This little gem of an article points to what I have been saying for some time 1)Public school is not free at all and 2) better education can be found outside of public school for less money, and even if you send your kiddos to private school, you then get to choose what they are learning, not having to cope with any aftermath such as, "It's okay to get a secret abortion" or "There's no God, we're a monkey's cousin!"

Good to see other's have their gears turning too!