Thursday, May 15, 2008

Down with Church 501(c)(3)'s

A friend e-mailed me a great article about the dangers of congregations being uder the authority of the government via 501(c)(3)'s. Here are some of my favorite clips, but I encourage you to read the whole thing.

"We haven't gotten political as Evangelicals," he asserts. "What has taken place is, the government knows [that] if it makes something political that the church will step out -- and that is exactly what has taken place. They are hijacking our moral issues and then telling us to be quiet about it ... and that isn't going to work."

The Seattle-area pastor believes the best thing that could happen to churches would be to lose the 501(c)3 tax-exempt status that liberal activists currently use to threaten pastors who might speak out on moral issues in the political realm. Then, perhaps, churches would "find [their] backbone again," Hutcherson says.

"The government did not give us our 501(c)3 because they like us," he shares. "The government gave us our 501(c)3 so they could control us."

This is one of the reasons I support the Fair Tax; it would do away with 501(c)(3)'s.

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