Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gov. Perry Did Something Right

I got this article today from It looks as though Texas is nearing the one year anniversary of Gov. Perry signing a law allowing freedom of religious expression in the Texas public schools. Here is a clip from the article.

In response to attacks on religious speech in public schools, Texas became the first state to pass a law devoted exclusively to protecting students' freedom of religious expression.

Last June, Governor Rick Perry signed the Religious Viewpoint Anti-Discrimination Act (RVADA), also Schoolchildren's Religious Liberties Act, to protect voluntary expression of religious viewpoints of the state's 4.5 million public schools students.

The RVADA outlines students' rights to express their religious viewpoints in homework, art, school speeches. The act also protects students' right to organize religious extra-curricular activities with the same access to school facilities as non-religious activities are afforded.

"Schools are not faith-free zones, and teachers shouldn't be asked to be prayer police. Rather, schools are required to ensure a level playing field in treating student's voluntary religious expression the same as all other expression. This bill settles the issue once and for all," stated religious liberties advocate attorney Kelly Coghlan.

Each episode of the "Speechless…Silencing the Christians" series can be accessed for free on the after its initial Saturday airing.

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