Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Josh Harris- Unity of the Gospel

Josh Harris (author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye) has this video posted on his blog. I think he has an excellent point about Christians staying unified regardless of whether they homeschool, send their kids to Christian school, or send them to government school. (One that I need reminding of.) I would just want to add that I think it is important to clarify that none of these options is sinful if the parent is doing it because they believe that it will lead their children closer to the Lord. Along these lines here is a clip from a more recent post on the same site. The green is Josh's dad. The brown is Josh.

The only moral issue at stake is whether we are willing to walk in the obedience of our faith in God and His will as we understand it from the Scriptures. Though wisdom and foolishness are called into play, there is no moral superiority to be found in any one educational option. Though dilligence is required of all three options, only our labor in Christ will not be in vain. Then, as the relative fruit of each option is put on display in time, may we all be humble enough to change our ways as needed in order to bear even better fruit for God.

Not all options seem to be equally fruitful thus far. But as a long-time home-schooling father and Christian home-schooling advocate I can honestly say that every option, including home schooling has its problems (as you well know). So, pick your problems, and by the grace of God deal with those problems as they arise. Our family has chosen the problems that come with home schooling. But, as you have said, we pray for all of our fellow parents and their children that God will mercifully bless their efforts to be faithful. We are all one in the body of Christ and that should allow us to support one another wholeheartedly in spite of our differing convictions on how to educate our children. - Dad

Thanks for sharing this. I think your insight about "picking your problems" is key. We need to understand both the pros and cons of every option and go into them with our eyes open, depending on God.

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