Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can McCain Even Say Consistency?

Kevin Tracy has posted a clip of John McCain and his double talk. This kind of thing (on gay marriage among other topics) is one of the main reasons I will not vote for McCain. (I am certainly not voting for Obama either. Chuck Baldwin is the guy for me.) So take a listen for yourself. He reminds me of Bill Clinton; say whatever you need to say for whatever crowd you are in front of.

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jedi787plus said...

McCain is the worst hypocrite and flip-flopper I've ever seen. Although he calls himself anti-abortion, he supports embryonic stem-cell research, which is to me just like a new form of abortion. I will NEVER vote for McCain, even if Dr. Dobson, Mike Huckabee, and the SBC vote for him. Moreover, I don't support the Iraq War and I greatly oppose death penalty. I am a "Democrat for Life" in full support for a real "Culture of Life" (NO abortion, NO embryonic stem cell research, NO death penalty, NO war, NO violence!), and McCain has no place in my ballot. I hope both the SBC and the NAMB read this.