Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New and Old and All Borrowed

I found some interesting posts/articles while zooming around the Internet this week. Some are old and some are new, but they were all new to me.

Over at Bold Christian Living, Jonathan Lindvall talks about 10 mistakes modern homeschoolers make. He and his family were one of the pioneering families back in the 80's.

Two missionaries (one American and one Norwegian) were found guilty of teaching the Gospel in public in Norway after the police told them to stop. "If this decision is upheld it will, in effect, mean that Articles 9, freedom of religion, and Article 10, freedom of expression, of the European Convention on Human Rights are only valid if the police in Norway approve of your speech," Thornton continued. "Otherwise they can arrest you at any time and stop your speech." You can read the whole LifeSiteNews story here.

Massachusetts furthers the cause of the homosexual agenda. They have made it legal for same sex couples from other states to get married in MA. Read the OneNewsNow story here.

I found a new (to me) blog that I really like called Laugh at the Days. Check out the frugality posts.

Rasmussen claims 67% of Americans favor off-shore drilling. This gives me some hope because very few politicians are brave enough to withstand the masses.

Brian Thomas at the Institute for Creation Research, writes about the extreme complexity of the so called "simple" bacteria. This article is about the "clutch" on a bacteria's flagellum.

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