Friday, July 18, 2008

Megan and Mandy

I love stories like this. This story is about two young people stepping out in faith against the ACLU. It is a story about a graduating class quoting the Lord's Prayer together. It is a story of revival at a graduation ceremony. The Rebelution has the whole story. Here are my favorite parts.

Only a few hours later more than 3,000 people packed into the Russell County High gymnasium to watch 200 seniors graduate. As the principal finished his opening remarks the senior class suddenly stood as one body and began to recite The Lord’s Prayer! Before they could finish the audience erupted into thunderous applause. Some students were too overcome with emotion to finish. But the statement had been made. They would not bow down to the ACLU.

Again and again the speech was interrupted with applause and punctuated by several standing ovations.The Louisville Courier-Journal reporter covering the event described the evening as having a “revival-like atmosphere,” to the complete dismay of the ACLU! In trying to silence a prayer they had sparked a revival!

Now my question is, "Do elders, bishops, pastors, and preachers have the same faith?" Or will they be easily silenced through the likes of the ACLU or the IRS?

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