Monday, July 21, 2008

Homeschool Registration

I was forwarded an article about a proposed Michigan law that would require homeschoolers to register. To me, registering any group of people generally leads to their mistreatment in the not to distant future. It is rather like disarming them.

In Michigan, HB5912, introduced by state Rep. Brenda Clack, seems to be a logical compromise. It does not interfere with a parent's right to homeschool, but merely requires parents to register. Where the bill goes wrong is in requiring them to register with their already overburdened school district. The registration should be handled by the state.


Lance said...

Thanks for the post. Even though many of us who read this may be from other states, we need to stay vigilant and ready to act lest we see our rights as homeschoolers disappear.

Applied Christianity said...


You are welcome. That is exactly right. What happens in one state, might venture into others if left unchecked.

onemom said...

this was from March of this year. Lots of phone calls were made to the following (temporary) result:

"One report has indicated that H.B. 5912 will likely never get out of committee this session and would thus have to be reintroduced next session.

Other co-sponsors have indicated to their callers that they are wavering on whether to continue their support. However, keep your calls coming so that this bill will not “see the light of day.” We hope the affect of these calls will make it clear to the sponsoring representatives that we do not want this bill being introduced next year, either."

We will have to stay one step ahead of these democratic legislators here in Michigan when they resume work this fall, because they will continue to assault our freedoms.

Applied Christianity said...

Thanks for the further information, OneMom.