Thursday, July 24, 2008

Report on Defending Your Faith Conference

Scott at By Grace Alone has added several posts about his experiences at the Defending Your Faith Family Conference. I thought it was very interesting (wish I could have been there). After the initial post (linked above), there are three more.

Ham Hit It On the Head
Much of what Ken Ham said during this past week focused on this same idea of dealing with the “millions of years.” Again, many people, blinded by bad science and un-founded theories, have bough[t] into this idea and see no real problem trying to make the Bible “fit.” But, as Ham points out, the real issue is very basic: Is the Bible true? This is what our Convention [Southern Baptist] was fighting over, and this is what we need to continue to fight for.

I totally agree with this. If the first 11 chapters of Genesis are parables though they are written as history, where does the parable stop. Was Abraham really that old when Isaac was born? Did Joseph really interpret Pharoh's dream? Was Jesus really sinless?

The Desert Island Challenge
For years now, people like Doug Phillips, and Voddie Baucham’s Family Driven Faith, and Tom Eldredge’s Safely Home and others have been calling into question how our families operate in today’s world. And the unanimous verdict is that we have given in to culture way more than we want to admit; in everything from the size of our families, to how we educate them, to how we disciple them, etc.

But what if we had nothing but God’s Word to guide us? Wouldn’t we see children as a blessing and desire a “quiver full” of them? Wouldn’t we realize that it is our responsibility as parents to disciple our children, not just the Sunday School teacher’s? And would we ever send them off to “fools” to be educated the way we do now?

The last post is a clip (from a different conference) of Voddie Baucham. I liked the clip and have posted it below.

So, head on over to Scott's blog and see what else he has to say.


Scott Weldon said...

Thanks a lot for giving my little blog some attention. It was truly a great conference. I'd encourage anyone to go see any of these guys if given the chance.

Applied Christianity said...

You are very welcome, Scott. I enjoyed hearing about the conference. I would especially like to hear Voddie speak.