Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Change Woman's Mind About Abortion, Go to Jail

There is a dreadful law being considered by Great Britain's Parliament. Here is a quote from the LifeSiteNews story.

Under a proposed amendment to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, those groups advertising services to pregnant women who provide "false information" or even information that is "factually correct" that convinces a woman to change her mind about abortion, will have committed an offense.

An offense will have been committed if the information given "causes or is likely to cause the average pregnant woman to take a decision in relation to the termination of her pregnancy she would not have taken otherwise."

If this passes in GB, expect it to be tried here at some point. Especially if Obama is President and the Democrats hold a majority in the House and Senate.


Karen said...

Have the people in Great Britain gone completely cuckoo? How exactly would a law like this be a legitimate function of government and how would it serve people? It should be a crime to speak to a woman who is pregnant? Huh?!?

Applied Christianity said...

I doubt I will ever understand the liberal mind. I am sure that it is "logical" to someone. :)