Thursday, August 28, 2008

The New GOP Platform

I was reading this AP article about the new GOP platform and was struck by how often it seems at odds with McCain. Here are some quotes from the article.

In its platform debate, the party stuck to its call for a constitutional amendment banning abortion despite McCain's opposition, and toughened already uncompromising language on the issue.

Nothing written into the platform will tie McCain's hands in the campaign and it was questionable whether he'd pay much attention to it. Presidential candidates often don't. (So I'm thinking, "Then what is the point of a platform if the candidate isn't standing on it?)

The 112-member platform committee approved planks on the economy and social issues, after strengthening statements in favor of gun and property rights and the swift deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of gang crimes. (Why only swift deportation of immigrants convicted of gang crimes?)

The platform draft also urges a constitutional ban gay marriage, which McCain does not support.
(Again, what is the use of a platform the candidate doesn't support?)

It would put the party on record as accepting that economic activity contributes to global warming, in line with McCain's views.

But the platform is loaded with caveats about the uncertainty of science and the need to "resist no-growth radicalism" in taking on climate change.

It warns that empowering Washington on the matter would have painful consequences, hardly a rousing endorsement of McCain's ambitious plan for mandatory federal emission cuts in a cap and trade program.

(This section seems about as vague as a typical politician. I imagine it will just make both sides of the debate mad.)

If the Republicans had a candidate for President that actually stood on the platform, I would vote for him. As it is, I don't intend to vote for McCain. There are also some planks still being hashed out (at the publishing of the article). Those included global warming, embryonic stem cells, and having English as the official language. I am most interested to see the outcome of the embryonic stem cell plank. Will it acquiesce to McCain or will it take a stand for life?

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