Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Arzigul Tursun

I found out about this yesterday but couldn't bring myself to post about it because it was too sad. Now that the story has a happy ending, I can type the sad and horrific beginning. Arzigul Tursun is an ethnic minority woman in China. She had been told by authorities that she would have to have an abortion because she already had two children. She ran away to a different city. When she was captured and taken to the hospital, she escaped despite two guards. She finally surrendered when the government threatened to take away her house and livelihood. There has been an international protest and the prayers of thousands have been said. Today LifeSiteNews reports that Arzigul Tursun has been released without having the forced abortion. Praise the Lord! I plan to keep this poor woman in my prayers. May God bless her for trying to protect her child.

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