Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh, the Insanity!

Stupid criminals are my favorite kind. Take this fellow for instance. He shot a man twice (and not fatally). Then he recorded a rap song about the experience stating the injured man's name. A jury of his peers gave him 20 years.

Stupid (or just left-leaning liberal) judges, on the other hand, are my least favorite kind. Even when they are in Canada. The Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that obese people are functionally disabled and therefor deserve two seats for the price of one. I ask you, "Why should airlines have to suffer the consequences of other people's eating habits?"

Stupid (or just left-leaning liberal) law-makers are almost as bad. Especially when they are in my own state. Texas Sen. Shapleigh is trying to pass a bill to make it illegal for a restaurant to prepare, pakage, store, or serve food with tras fat unless the food in question is yeast dough or cake batter or pre-packaged food served in the original package. (Insert eye-roll here.)

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