Thursday, May 28, 2009

Critter Corner V.3

Give Away

Dr. Jobe Martin has come out with a new DVD called Creation Proclaims. For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Martin, he spent a significant part of his adult life believing evolution was the correct explanation for the origin and variety of life. When he was a professor of dentistry, some of his students challenged him. He eventually gave up on evolution and now gives lectures and produces DVD's about the irreducibly complex nature of all animals. You may know him from his series Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution.

This first volume of Creation Proclaims, is quite good. My kids (kindergarten and 1st grade) and I watched it, and we all liked it. It talks about the unique traits of various animals (gibbon, baboon, aye-aye, weta, hissing cockroach) and how they could not have evolved slowly. I think that anyone that likes animals could enjoy it.

So if you want a copy, leave a comment stating why you want it and I will let my kids pick a winner in a few days.

The kids and I have two tiny tadpoles in an aquarium from our creek/drainage ditch. They are about the size of a petite pea. We also inadvertently captured quite a few snails, some mosquito babies, and some tiny specks that continually hop underwater. There are hundreds and hundreds of tadpoles in this little tiny area surrounded by houses and a school. It is cool to see nature right in our neighborhood.

Pink Dolphin in Louisiana

Have you heard of the reports of this albino dolphin in Lake Charles? Supposedly they are very rare. I have certainly never heard of it before.


Pam said...

Hey Frances, I'm finally posting on your blog! I've never done this before. As a homeschooling family, we would enjoy a DVD with a creation perspective. It sounds very interesting and I think Nathan and Leah would enjoy it.

Applied Christianity said...

Nice to see a comment from an old friend. If no one else comments by the third, I will mail the DVD to you.

Stephanie said...

We would like to hear about hissing cockroaches! What is an aye-aye? We also like gibbons.

Micah and Bekah

( I see that we're a bit late-- this week turned into something rather crazy with unexpected problems with cars and my glasses. Add to that still teaching lots of lessons to prepare for recital and the last week of soccer and baseball. WHEW!! I'm glad that things will slow down after Summer Spectacular!)