Sunday, May 24, 2009

Portions Now and Then

There was an interesting post by FatFighterTV about three weeks ago talking about the differences in portion sizes now and 20 years ago. Here is one of the examples given:

20 years ago: a bagel was three inches in diameter and had 140 calories.

Today: a six inch bagel with 350 calories.

Anyway, it is worth a look.

My husband and I have taken to ordering 1 entree and 1 appetizer and splitting them. We always have more than enough and we are pretty big eaters. Do places serve such huge portions so that people feel like they got their money's worth? I remember a place near where I lived in college that had what I considered more normal portions that only cost $3.50. I went there more often because the food was good, I could afford it, and the portion was right for me. Too bad there aren't more of those kind of places out there.

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