Friday, May 29, 2009

San Diego County's Response

There is an update on the post below. The county officials have given their side of the story.

It looks like most of the time all of the cars fit on the couples property but occasionally some people have to park on the street. A neighbor complained one of these nights and the county responded. Here is a clip from the article.

Wallar said it's the officer’s job to determine what kind of event is hosted at Jones’ house to decide what part of county code the event falls under.

"The Bible studies are one that's probably in a very gray area," Waller said.

That gray area may be causing the problem. Wallar said the county only cares about how any event impacts the surrounding neighborhood.

"We want to make sure -- whether they're on a public road or a private road -- that they're parking safely; that we can get fire trucks in; that we can get police vehicles in," Waller said.

Jones' attorneys told 10News it sounds like the county is backing away from their original warning.

If a few cars parking on the street is a problem in San Diego County, I would hate to try to host a baby shower or birthday party there.

This neighbor complaining reminds me of a Bible study I went to where the host warned me not to park in front of a certain house. Apparently the man living there was often drunk and threaten to shoot anyone who parked on "his" section of street.

I wonder if the public outcry had any bearing on the county's change of heart?


Scott Weldon said...

Thanks for the update. So often, the "parking" complaint is just an excuse. And I agree, I'm sure the county backed off due to pressure.

Karen said...

If this was really about parking and public safety, why were no parking citations given? The violation was a land use violation, claiming that their residence was a church. If there is a parking issue, resolve the parking issue.

Applied Christianity said...

Scott, You are welcome.

That is a good point. If it was a parking problem, then why not give everyone that parked in the wrong place a ticket.