Saturday, May 23, 2009

Homosexual Indoctrination of Kindergarteners

On district in California (Alameda Unified) is making it mandatory that kindergartners attend "anti-homophobia" classes. The classes are supposedly designed to stop bullying of "gay" and "transsexual" classmates. Yet they do not have classes to stop the bullying of different races or religions or fatness or ability to run fast, etc. even though I am sure that these kinds of bullying are far more common.

Parents are angry. There is no opt out for this program. The Pacific Justice Institute is defending their rights in a court case.

I would be angry for about 5 minutes or as long as it took to withdraw my kids. Are you ready to homeschool yet?

HT: One News Now


Wickle said...

If you're declaring that your 5-year-old is a transsexual, then the truth is it's your (not yours, Frances, I just mean the general "you") parental fitness that I question.

This is absurd ...

Applied Christianity said...

That's why I put the gay and transsexual in quotes. I don't think that many (if any) 5-year-olds think about their sexuality let alone whether they are gay or transexual. Unless it is woven into their daily life by their parents.