Thursday, May 21, 2009

Obama's "Responsible Fatherhood" Means Changing the "Heteronormative"?

According to LifeSiteNews. . .
A member of Obama's Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships advisory board (Mr. Knox) has stated that one of the main challenges in promoting "responsible fatherhood" in America will be to dismantle a perception that fatherhood is "heteronormative" - i.e., that heterosexuality is the norm.

Mr. Knox stated this opinion on a PBS show. You can watch the interview at the PBS website.

How can purposely raising children without a mother and a father be considered a model for responsible parenting? I understand that sometimes raising a child with only a mother or a father is unavoidable as in death or an unwanted divorce. But too often in this country we accept unwed parenting and homosexual parenting as a suitable alternative. It flies in the face of every God wants for our childern. It is a very sad time in America. I hope that the sadness of the time will drive us to our knees.

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