Friday, June 12, 2009


I learned yesterday that Texas likely got its new booster seat law idea from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA claims that if all states followed through on this about 450 kids would be saved from moderate to fatal injury per year across the United States. (Note this number includes kids that might be hurt and kids that might die.)

Now let's look at how many kids (babies) would be saved if the nation implemented an ultrasound policy that required the mother be offered a chance to listen to the babies heart and see an ultrasound before making a decision to abort. Focus on the Family claims that 63,000 babies have been saved during the past four years of their Option Ultrasound campaign. What would the results be if this was available to every woman in America? I don't really know. But my guess would be that abortion rates would drop 15-25%. Let's say that I am wrong and it would only be 10%. That is 100,000 babies' lives a year in the United States.

So my question is this: Why did the booster seat law make it into law and the Texas ultrasound bill never made it to the final vote? Actually I know the answer. The dang Democrats filibustered about voter ID so that the ultrasound bill (and several others) could never make it to the final vote before the session was over. Maybe a better question is this: What does this say about our priorities as a nation?


Wickle said...

There you are, making sense again!

Great points.

Applied Christianity said...

Thanks, Wickle.