Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unfunded Mandates

Here in Texas, a law was recently passed that all children under 8 (unless child is over 4' 9") must be in a booster seat. The old law was 38" regardless of age. We had just recently ditched the car seats of our kids (now at 40" and 44"). So, in order to be lawy-abiding citizens, we ordered boosters from for about $50 (for both) including the free super saver shipping. They got here yesterday. The kids really like them so far.

My husband, on the other hand, is rolling his eyes at the unfunded mandates. He says that they should count as tax payment (though Texas doesn't have income tax, but property tax instead).

So any recent unfunded mandates in your part of the country?


OneMom said...

I have seen excellent reviews on this Evenflo booster. They look comfy and colorful too!

Applied Christianity said...

The main reason that we got them was the color and the cup holders. The kids wanted pink and blue and cup holders. This was the only one we found with all that for a normal amount of money.